Selected Recent Publications

Books and Exhibition Catalogues

Devan Shimoyama: Cry, Baby (forthcoming)

Undertow (forthcoming)

Party Out Of Bounds: Nightlife As Activism Since 1980 (September 2015)

Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda (May 2014)

Dotty Attie: The Lone Ranger for P.P.O.W. Gallery (November 2013)

Select PRINT/ONLINE Magazines

Gilbert & George (Flaunt Magazine)

Patrick Staff (Muse Magazine)

Michael Shannon (Muse Magazine)

Who Says Drag Can’t Be Fine Art? (VICE)

Eric Rhein (POZ Magazine)

Resurrecting the Gay History of the Holocaust (VICE)

Can Art Be A Form of Political Activism? (VICE)

The Plantation Is Still Here: Inside M. Lamar’s ‘Negrogothic, A Manifesto’ (VICE)

Double Trouble: Brice Dellsperger on His Campy And Subversive Body Double Series (VICE)

Remembering New York’s Downtown Documentarian Nelson Sullivan (VICE)

Vacating The Here and Now for a Then and There: Remembering José Esteban Muñoz (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Why George Zimmerman’s Painting Went Viral: America’s Fascination With Infamous Artists (Salon)

Some Sort of Grace: David Wojnarowicz’s Archive of the Death of Peter Hujar (Anamesa: An Interdisciplinary Journal)


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