Selected Recent Publications


“Can’t Stop Dancing” in Party Out Of Bounds: Nightlife As Activism Since 1980 (September 2015)

Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda (May 2014)

Dotty Attie: The Lone Ranger for P.P.O.W. Gallery (November 2013)


POZ Magazine (April/May 2015)

Art Papers Magazine (March 2015)

War & Pieces: Modern Urban Expressionism (ArtVoices Magazine) 

Preserving Memory In Paint: The Impressionism of Leigh Ann Van Fossan (ArtVoices Magazine)

The Painter As A Jack Of All Trades: Michael Chandler (ArtVoices Magazine)

Representing Our Multitudes (ArtVoices, Magazine)

Anne Marchand (ArtVoices Magazine)

Some Sort of Grace: David Wojnarowicz’s Archive of the Death of Peter Hujar (Anamesa: An Interdisciplinary Journal)


Resurrecting the Gay History of the Holocaust (VICE)

Can Art Be A Form of Political Activism? (VICE)

Douglas Bourgeois on His Trippy, Musician-Filled Paintings (VICE)

Placing Guns in the Hands of Artists (VICE)

The Plantation Is Still Here: Inside M. Lamar’s ‘Negrogothic, A Manifesto’ (VICE)

Double Trouble: Brice Dellsperger on His Campy And Subversive Body Double Series (VICE)

Aloha, Business Casual: Nicole Reber’s Hawaiian Shirt Exhibition At Amo Studios (VICE)

Remembering New York’s Downtown Documentarian Nelson Sullivan (VICE)

Franklin Sirmans Discusses the Nature of His Search For Prospect 3 (M Daily)

Vacating The Here and Now for a Then and There: Remembering José Esteban Muñoz (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Rachel Mason on Sculpting her Artistic Role Models (M Daily)

Why George Zimmerman’s Painting Went Viral: America’s Fascination With Infamous Artists (Salon)


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